Board Position Nominations

President Elect (starting 7/1/21)
Treasurer (starting 7/1/21)
Board Member at Large (2)(starting 7/1/21)
Requirements for CSNO Board Member Positions
  • Must be a CSNO member in good standing
  • Must be able to attend two general conference meetings (Spring/Fall)
  • Be able to attend CSNO State Leadership (annually in August)
  • Must be able to attend scheduled board meetings (in person or by conference call)
  • Operate in accordance with CSNO Bylaws and Standing Rules

Position Descriptions

President Elect
  • Represents the section on the CSNO state conference committee and attends all conference planning meetings either via conference call or face to face.
  • Provides input on speakers and topics from section interest. Shares well received speakers and topics at the section level.
  • Reads the CSNO state conference manual, helps with edits, and takes an active role in helping organize the CSNO state conference.
  • Participates in contacting vendors and sponsors to help under write conference costs.
  • Serves as a liaison between the section and conference committee.
  • Provides support in proofing conference brochure.
  • Assists in supporting fundraising efforts including sponsors, exhibitors and grants.
  • Works with local sections to facilitate hospitality and local fundraiser events.
  • Participates in broader grant application process to solicit educational opportunities through funding revenues.
  • Assists with evaluation efforts and provides feedback on improving the conference experience.
  • ​Attends State CSNO Conference, Leadership and CSNOSS local conferences. 
Board Member at Large
  • ​Unlike other executive board leadership such as a president or treasurer, a member at large doesn't have a specific role. A member at large serves as a liaison to the general membership. Duties change as defined in organization bylaws or as needed to fulfill board requirements and address overall organizational goals.
  • Assist the President and Board carrying out the functions of the organization.
  • Board Members at Large are members of the executive committee along with President, President Elect, Immediate Past President, Secretary and Treasurer.
  • Attend local and state conferences.
  • May be invited to attend State Leadership in the absence of other board members.
  • Attends State CSNO Conference and CSNO'S local conferences. ​
  • Collaborates with the CSNO State Treasurer, CSNO office staff and establishes bank accounts and necessary procedures for deposits and withdrawals. Follows CSNO Office Finance Operating Manual Guidelines.​​
  • Collaborates with the CSNO office staff and keeps and monitors records of deposits and expenditures using Quicken, Quick Books, or a comparable computerized bookkeeping system.
  • Pays authorized bills and monthly contracts.
  • Supervises receipt, depositing, and expensing of all monies. (See CSNO Office Finance Operating Manual for current office practices). Works with the CSNO office staff to maintain financial records and prepare reports.          
  • Presents current financial report of the Organization (showing income and expense statement and balance sheet) at executive committee, BOD, annual meetings and when requested.
  • Submits written proposed budget to the BOD no later than July 30th with copy of the budget to members printed in CSNO state bulletin.
  • Works with the CSNO office staff to collect appropriate sales taxes.  With office staff, arrange to keep a total of sales taxes accrued during the year.
  • Collaborates with the CSNO office staff and arranges for an audit at the end of each fiscal year.
  • Orients the incoming treasurer to banking procedures and updated authorization signature cards on all accounts with changes in board positions.
  • Attends State CSNO Conference, Leadership and CSNOSS local conferences.

Board Member Terms are 7/1/21 to 6/30/23
President Elect advances to President and Past President, this is a 6 year term.
Deadline to apply is November 20, 2020 at 11:59 PM
Applications are accepted online only.
Please ask/address any question to [email protected] before November 18.