President's Message


 Hello CSNO Southern Section Members!!! (bare with me I know this is a long one...) Most everyone is back to work and trying to juggle the new normal of a school year. First off, I hope you are getting all the E-Newsplashes from State. There are so many great opportunities coming your way with a new website that is now live and super interactive! There will be a Fall Mini-Conference on Zoom in September and other Zoom opportunities with California School Nurses as well as California State Departments all throughout the year. In the latest email, CSNOO let us all know that as a board there was a decision to make the 2021 States CSNO Conference ONLINE February 4-7. They are still looking for presenters so if you know of someone please send them to "Call for Presenters" page to submit their topic.

Our state membership has increased to 1750 which is record-setting since I have been a school nurse!! I encourage you to get every school nurse you know to join up as we continue to embark on this SARS-CoV-2 (aka COVID) adventure. New information is coming out every day and this is where school nurses will SHINE!

As a member you get
VSP certificates
continuing education opportunities
support, and so much more.

We have volunteer opportunities available for those that just have a passion for a certain topic to those that have a desire to become a bigger part of leading our organization. In just a few weeks our section alone will be opening up nominations for Board Members at Large, President-Elect, and Treasurer. I encourage you to consider applying or nudge someone you know. This is how we all started. One little spot on the section board, learning so much about how and why our organization works and supporting all of you school nurses. You will meet and work with other school nurses and love it so much you will grab someone's hand to join you!

With our new website, there will be "circles" which will allow you to interact and network with colleagues up and down the state. Different topics can be created for smaller group discussions. With this new tool, there comes a need to help moderate the postings. This is where one of those small volunteer opportunities opens itself to you.
We need moderators. If you open a group we would love for you to consider being the person that moderates and makes sure everyone is on their best online behavior. If you would like to do more than just the group you start, please email [email protected] so we can forward your info to Annalise Lizarraga, our Communications Chair.

We also continue to need help with updating The Green Book topics. Please also email us if there is a topic that is dear to your heart and you want to help create the updated version.

I know everyone will be on computer screen overload, but we will continue to give you opportunities to get together as a section and a state. Feel free to join one or join them all!

I am in my last year as President for Southern Section and I am so grateful to my Board for all their support and dedication to our professional organization. I appreciate all of you (our members) and your dedication to students and families in your communities.

Stay Safe, Be Kind, and Together We Will Get Through This!
~Marci McLean-Crawford, CSNOSS President 2019-2021